ICT West

ICT West

Western Canadian Tech Companies Come Together with ICT West

ICT West is a collaborative project led by ICTAM and funded through Western Economic Diversification Canada. The project’s goal is to introduce small to medium-sized ICT companies to the global market in order to grow the sector here at home.

The Project

Each year ICT West attends three international trade shows — Web Summit, CES and Mobile World Congress. At the shows, ICT West leverages the strength of local, regional, national and international partnerships so delegates can make an impact. 

Western Canada’s tech ecosystem is innovative, vibrant and growing. ICT West’s goal is to help Western Canadian SMEs meet the right people at the right events to make big things happen for Canadian tech.

Delegate Benefits

ICT West provides delegates with booth space, introductions to the Trade Commissioners Service, public relations, marketing, team support, networking events and more so they can make the most of the shows. 

Learn more about the project and register to be a delegate.

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