October 2016 - QUIPPED: Interactive Learning Tools Inc.

QUIPPED understands better than most: sometimes you have to shake things up.

As a sponsor of DisruptED, a Winnipeg conference exploring the relationship between technology and education, the Winnipeg-based educational technology outfit leads the charge to redefine that relationship.

QUIPPED works to improve student learning and teacher effectiveness. Their software application QUIO Learning Map gives teachers an accessible, efficient, qualitative way to assess student learning.

QUIPPED’s 13-person team is taking on a monumental task: revolutionizing part of an education system that has remained largely unchanged for years. QUIO’s student assessment framework enhances and revamps the intent behind letter grades, going beyond As, Bs, Cs and Ds to better define and communicate educational outcomes.

QUIPPED plays in the big leagues. Recently, the company was selected from over 110 applicants to be one of 12 companies participating in VentureOut, a New York conference for the world’s top education-technology founders.