November 2016 - 6P Marketing

Business school grads know the four Ps – price, product, place, and promotion. They’re the basic ingredients in any successful marketing recipe, and applying each one appropriately is supposed to achieve positive results for brand, product or service.

Winnipeg agency 6P Marketing sees beyond those ingredients – if you ask them, they’ll tell you the basic ingredients aren’t enough. Sometimes you need a little spice.

It’s the two extra Ps – passion and people (not paprika) – that separate 6P Marketing from its competition. The agency’s people work hard at brand management, design, digital advertising, search engine optimization, website development and content marketing to release for their clients’ products or services, helping them present it to the world in a passionate way.

6P set out in 2007 to be marketing “pinch hitters” – helping small businesses without marketing departments develop and promote their brands effectively, professionally and ethically. They’ve grown since then to service small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Manitoba and beyond.

The agency closely collaborates with each client, making a point of understanding their business and jiving with them as people – and helping them find solutions to any marketing challenge that may present itself.

6P merged with Edge Marketing Strategies in 2015. Clients range from the Technology Councils of North America to Richardson to The Pritchard Group.