November 2016 - LES.NET

Members of Manitoba’s ICT community are constantly stretching the boundaries of their Internet connections – sometimes to the limit. Businesses in Innovation Alley don’t have to worry about those boundaries – LES.NET just makes them bigger from the get-go.

Fuelling innovation in Manitoba’s tech sector for years, LES.NET is the sole provider of fibre-optic Internet connections in the West Exchange District at speeds reaching up to 10-gigabit. The company helps start-ups and businesses in Innovation Alley stay alive and thrive. Les Bester, the company’s founder, has personally laid fibre-optic cable connecting around 30 buildings in Winnipeg’s downtown to his private dark fibre-optic network.

In addition to LES.NET’s fibre-optic network, the company operates six wireless points throughout the city. Their services are symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are the same.

Fibre-optic Internet service may be more headline-worthy, but LES.NET’s other services are as effective, diligent and well-thought-out as its fibre-optic network. Those services include high-quality voice/SIP trunking and data storage for businesses in the city.