Indigenous Initiative

Tech Trek....ICTAM's Aboriginal Youth ICT Challenge

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The purpose of Tech Trek is to introduce Aboriginal youth to careers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.   Up to 15 students per school are selected to participate.   Over the course of ten full days (or 20 half days) students will learn about:  

  • careers in ICT
  • entrepreneurship
  • business and technology

Students will conceptualize a business or product with a technology focus.   Their Tech Trek project will begin with the preparation of a basic business plan. Participants will receive a new laptop computer to use during the project. Students who complete Tech Trek will be awarded a certificate of participation from ICTAM and the laptop will be theirs to keep.  

In addition, each workshop will feature a guest speaker who will introduce students to an ICT career path. Guest speakers will be professionals currently working in Manitoba’s ICT industry.     ICTAM will make every effort to showcase Aboriginal people working in the industry that can act as role models to the students.

Guest speakers will:

  • discuss their occupation in ICT – at a high level as well as what an average day is like at work;
  • describe their educational pathway to their ICT career including what courses they had to take in high school and why these are important to them today (e.g. how they use that knowledge or skill in their jobs now);
  • discuss challenges and obstacles they encountered and what they did to overcome them, and
  • discuss what personal attributes and attitudes are best suited to this type of occupation and why.

To help broaden their knowledge of the range of occupations open to them, students will be directed to a variety of online resources that will provide them with additional information about careers and pre-requisites for ICT post-secondary education.   ICTAM will ensure they are aware of financial supports available through bursaries, grants and scholarships that can support them in achieving their education goals.